Why a stupa

“ There is a need in the world to develop compassion and a warm heart. Building stupas helps develop so much peace and happiness for numberless sentient beings. As a result, wars, disease, and desire will all be pacified. Instead of feeling hopeless, people will gain courage. This is about peace – for the beings who see it, for the whole country, for the entire world, for all sentient beings.”

–Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The construction of a stupa—the symbol of the limitless mind of an enlightened being—goes back to the time of Shakyamuni Buddha himself; he directed his disciples to build these monuments at such significant locations as the sites of his birth, enlightenment, first teaching, and passing, or parinirvana. He taught that performing spiritual practices at these stupas would be the same as making offerings to Buddha himself, and thus the power of any practice done there would be enhanced many times over. Now, 2500 years later, the Buddha’s enlightening activities are performed by such holy gurus as Lama Yeshe, and we—his fortunate disciples—continue to benefit from Lama’s supremely compassionate deeds. Just one of these immeasurable deeds has been the construction of the various meditation cabins dotting the area on and around the ridge at Vajrapani, and those practitioners using these cabins greatly benefit from the natural beauty and serenity of the cremation site in their midst. It is definite that a stupa constructed at such a blessed site would increase its spiritual power limitlessly and provide great benefit for all who visit. When finished the site is certain to become a vivid reminder of the extraordinary power of Lama Yeshe’s transformative vision, which is still very much alive and growing after twenty-five years.

Benefits of stupas:

The main purpose of building stupas is to make the lives of all beings, young and old, meaningful.

For those beings who see the stupa it will:

  • help purify their mind
  • help collect merit, which is the cause of all happiness and all success
  • help heal their body and mind through purification specifically
  • due to the power of the stupa, meditating on and seeing the holy object
  • help to preserve Tibetan Mahayana culture

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