How Lama hooked an angel from New York City – two years ago

Friends, our entry today has been contributed by Jennifer Kim, our project manager of Big Love Day (the stupa’s consecration ceremony on May 8), Vajrapani’s office manager of two years, and personal friend of many. We leave you with the story of a Big Love-angel.

A little over 2 years ago, I was sitting in my apartment in New York City – surfing the Internet. I had stumbled upon Vajrapani’s website.
I started reading about the history of Vajrapani and its founder, Lama Yeshe. I came to the part about his passing and cremation in 1984.
Uncontrollably, tears started streaming down my face. His passing struck a chord within my heart – the heart that was yearning to give
more, understand more, and love more. It was one of the strongest responses I’ve had in my life thus far.

A little while later, I came to Vajrapani for my first retreat here – a Vajrasattva retreat with Jon Landaw, one of Lama’s students.  After
being very moved by this retreat, I found out that an Office Manager position was open here. I wound up serving in this position. Now
around 2 years later, with my upcoming departure, I am somehow involved in the ceremony where his cremation stupa will be
consecrated.  Understanding that there’s nothing really special about the work I produce for Vajrapani, I feel grateful for the opportunity
to serve in this way.

Over the past few years, and especially in preparation for this event, I’ve started to think a bit more about timing and connections. I’ve
witnessed too many instances where the “timing has worked out perfectly,” with the right people coming at the right time.  (I guess
“right” is a subjective term based on one’s desired goal.)  Anyway, many people in the dharma community have commented on this phenomenon.
Time seems to be more of a function of our connections with each other rather than the clock. And if time can be viewed as a function of our
connections with each other, while the clock is a short-hand way for us to communicate on stuff,  then I wonder if we’ve got it backwards
when believing that our linear model of time is reality itself.

Preparing the seating for this event has also been really interesting – prompting me to think more about space and intention. For this
event, we’re arranging the seating to go around the stupa.  I’ve started to think about the various ways in which we arrange seating in
our society. We arrange seating around TV sets, around delicious pizza, around Lady Gaga performing, around baseball fields, around all
sorts of stuff. (I especially like to arrange seating around pizza.) So it’s quite rare that we have an occasion to arrange seating around
the enlightened mind, as embodied by the stupa.

Wow – the more I think about it … really, really, really rare.

I’ve been so amazed working with the team here.  Such dedicated and kind-hearted people all working towards the same goal. It is such a
privilege, honor and joy working with each person here. I am continuously amazed by their creativity and huge heart.
Anyway, I hope that if you’re reading this and have a slight interest in coming on May 8 … please come!!! I think it will be a very
special day. We truly are doing this for you.

Join us for Big Love Day.

There is still time to donate now to sponsor the most precious relics of all, the Dharmakaya relic mantras which will fill all four stupas.

May all who contribute in any way to this project reap the fruit of pure guru devotion, the root of the path to enlightenment, and may all their temporal and ultimate wishes be fulfilled.


One response to “How Lama hooked an angel from New York City – two years ago

  1. Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer.
    I’m glad you got hooked. I did want to add that your work there was and is special. You radiate your generosity and sincerity by phone and email to anyone who contacts the center and thus were/are very much Lama Yeshe’s personal assistant and that will not end no matter what your role or where you go. Love, Karen

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