We have made a difference

Our virtuous friends: Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Yeshe

The preparations for May 8 are in full swing. Special guest speakers, procession, consecration, music offering, and one big after-event party with dancing to collectively celebrate our great good fortune. May 8 will be a precious opportunity to express gratitude for the kindness not just of Lama, but of all our teachers, and most especially of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche who, without wavering, took on the load of guiding us all and has been tirelessly supporting us ever since.

May 8 is also our opportunity to collectively rejoice in the positive difference we are making in our own lives, those of our families and of our communities. Vajrapani Institute has been in existence for over 30 years now during which we have diligently and courageously worked on our minds; we have individually taken action to create a world infused with kindness and compassion, and we have made a difference!

Behind the scenes, the Vajrapani team is working double-speed to engineer a most splendid and meaningful event to be remembered. So many details! Heidi, our SPC, Jennifer, the event’s project manager and myself (fabienne – director) went to see the Cirque du Soleil perform in San Jose the other night. We marvelled at these artists at the top of their game and creativity. And our heads spun at the level of organizational complexity required to host such events. That felt strangely grounding. It puts things in reassuring perspective. We will pull it off.

Tom Waggoner and his crew are unstoppable. Tomorrow they are finishing the thrones. They are transforming the Ridge area into a pure land. Lama’s Ridge was already an amazing place to do retreat but after Tom’s Ridge vision comes fully manifest, it will truly be a contemplative and holy retreat pure land.

To find out about sponsorship opportunities for this most remarkable event, please contact fabienne@vajrapani.org.

You can also donate now to sponsor the most precious relics of all, the Dharmakaya relic mantras which will fill all four stupas.

May all who contribute in any way to this project reap the fruit of pure guru devotion, the root of the path to enlightenment, and may all their temporal and ultimate wishes be fulfilled.


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