The great roar of compassion

Lama Yeshe's cremation site

I just got this email from Adele Hulse, the writer of Big Love, Lama Yeshe’s Biography, which is currently being prepared for publication by Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive. Her comments are a testament to the power of Lama’s cremation site and Lama himself.

Here’s what she wrote:  “I can say that the moment I heard of the stupa I wanted to donate as much as I could. I was not at the cremation and didn’t see the actual site until 1993 while travelling in the US interviewing for Lama’s biography.

Valerie Neal walked me up to the site, where I saw the most unprepossessing foot-high white base of the cremation stupa, which had some board over the top to keep rain out. I stood beside it, patted it, looked at it while recalling the many many photos I had seen of the cremation. There were some VPI guys nearby building something, a retreat hut I suppose. I only had eyes for the stupa base.

I am not an emotional person, nor am I psychically sensitive in anyway. While standing there I began to feel some ‘energy’ rising up through my body. It got stronger and stronger until it was this boiling power pushing up from the ground. I began shaking, knowing something very unusual was happening to me. Next thing the energy rose to my throat and I opened my mouth and a huge roar came out. In that roar was all my personal pain over many recent deaths, my awe at having actually met Lama Yeshe and been asked by Peter Kedge to write his biography, and horror at all the suffering in the world. It was a terrible sound and I was aware that the men working nearby quickly departed down the hill. I don’t blame them. Valerie came over and put her hand on my back to comfort me and quickly took it away again. The roar turned to sobs as I slowly ‘came down’.

The stupa site is an extraordinary place.

We don’t realise the power of Lama Yeshe. How can we? Only the Buddha can see the Buddha.

People see the smiling, joking face of Lama and think he looks friendly, even ‘sweet’. Lama Yeshe was not ‘sweet’.

He was the embodiment of love, wisdom and divine power.”

Donate now to help us bring this project to completion. Our target as of the January 6th is $33,817.

May all who contribute in any way to this project reap the fruit of pure guru devotion, the root of the path to enlightenment, and may all their temporal and ultimate wishes be fulfilled.


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