Getting help from the four corners

Our brotherhood of dharma brothers and sisters from around the world is stepping up to help us collect special items to place in the stupa. It’s an inspiring journey.

Last week Eric Gan from Malaysia’s Losang Drakpa Center offered 9 wealth vases. Thank you Eric!

Herni from the Lama Serlingpa Bodhicitta group in Indonesia is coordinating getting earth from two Buddhist holy sites: Borobodur and Candi Muara Jambi where it is believed that Lama Atisha received teachings from Lama Serlingpa.

Jack and Judith from local Marin County, will be hiking to Mt Tamalpais to send us earth from that holy mountain. Venerable Yangchen’s cousin Sylvie went to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast with her 7 year old daughter last weekend to collect ocean water. Richard Prinz and Tom Waggoner are also donating their treasure trove of earth collected over the years from a number of Tibetan and Indian Buddhist holy sites.

Donate now to help us bring this project to completion. Our current target is $28,000.

May all who contribute in any way to this project reap the fruit of pure guru devotion, the root of the path to enlightenment, and may all their temporal and ultimate wishes be fulfilled.


2 responses to “Getting help from the four corners

  1. I have water I collected from Lake Manasarovar if you’d like to have that for the stupa.

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