Welcome to Lama Yeshe Stupa Blog!

Lama Yeshe

We started this blog to update you all on how the Lama Yeshe Cremation site is progressing. We’ll post every week or so to share with you what’s been going on. You can sign up and you’ll get the updates automatically.

Start of construction is planned for next month. We’re currently busy reciting preparatory mantras which Lama Zopa

Rinpoche recommends – send us a comment if you want to know more. Next week we’ll start rolling mantras to place in the stupa – that’s a long process which requires a lot of manpower, so if you’re local and would like to participate, please contact us at vajrapani@vajrapani.org.

The actual plans are being finalized, and the landscaping plans are also taking shape. This Thursday our staff team, Tom Waggoner our contractor, and Michelle the landscape designer is meeting up at the site to coordinate.

Looking forward to working together to make this project come to life!



One response to “Welcome to Lama Yeshe Stupa Blog!

  1. Thank you Tina for your message – what you say is important – all lives are to be cherished!

    with love,
    the Lama Yeshe Cremation Stupa team

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